Lost Underdog Articles #4 Gravy Goods

Lost Underdog Articles #4 Gravy Goods

Gravy Goods

Welcome back to another Lost Underdog's Articles! Today we will be introducing to you Gravy Goods. 

Gravy Goods sources and creates custom clothing, bags and accessories for people who like to have unique and one of a kind gear. The custom clothing made by him allows to breathe new life into cool old things. Gravy Goods tries to aim for folks at street level that you may see out and about everyday, skateboarders, graffiti artists, and creatives of all genres. 

The creator behind Gravy Goods has been skateboarding for 14 years and which has influenced what he think is cool stylistically. Ultimately he tries to provide people who like his work with something they can feel makes them stand out, and do so confidently.

"Finding a passion to believe in makes you confident and life is too short to worry about the opinions of others! I think everyone should put a little bit of their own unique style into everything they do, in the words of the great rapper Nas “no ideas original, there’s nothing new under the sun, it’s never what you do but how it’s done”" - Gravy Goods

Currently, Gravy Goods is created locally from a spare bedroom in his house in Downtown Chico! Being close to his girlfriend and dog, Gravy Goods finds constant motivation and inspiration to be productive with his work. 

Gravy Goods started this company because he was constantly creating things and not having any sort of formal organization to it or end goal. He had always wanted to own a skateshop and start a company that served the communities that gave him so much. Gravy Goods aims to be a platform to collaborate with other artists he respect and admires. He would like to create whatever the artists and himself think is cool without being limited by trying to fit a mold or appeal to the masses.


Within the next few years Gravy Goods would like to build up enough of a following to be able to put on public showings and hopefully travel to different skate shops across the country to do guest pop ups. Opening a retail shop of his own is not currently necessary, as traveling around with his art to new places is more sought after.

As we do with other artists and brands, we like to ask the creators we get to meet, what are things that drive you and attribute to any success you've had so far? What are skills and knowledge you urge people to gain, in order to start up their own business?

"I’m incredibly motivated by the success of my peers in the industry and I think there is a huge surge of people able to find their niche by being supportive of others and viewing rival businesses or brands as other people who share similar interests instead of being too competitive. I’m surprised by the overwhelmingly positive responses I have received by reaching out to brands that I draw inspiration from and I think for anyone else trying to make something of their own the best place to start is by asking the people around you who are already doing it! Social media has made all of these brands and businesses so much more accessible!
My big thing for starting your own brand is don’t get bogged down by the things people say you need! Instead of worrying about licensing and insurance work on your craft and let things fall into place as they will. I found that I wasted so much time envying others and wishing I had all this expensive equipment when all I needed to do was work with what I had and use the resources many of us take for granted. An internet connection can find you almost any piece of information you desire, just be patient and try to stay organized with your time so you aren’t accidentally watching cat videos when you should be studying!"


If you are looking to support or purchase any custom made merch from Gravy Goods, you can currently reach them through DM at @gravystreet on Instagram, website is currently in the works! 


Gravy Goods Closing remarks are as followed

"Of course I wanna give a shout out to Lost Articles for reaching out to me and being such a supportive business to up and comers like myself! Second Bloom for providing me with clothing to work with that shares my sense of style (@secondbloomsupply), and Immortal (@immortalclothingco) on IG for sharing so many trade secrets and continuing to inspire me day to day with his amazing work!"

As with all of our articles, the first 10 people to use our code GRAVYGOODSLAC to get 20% off any clothing item! If you want to get on the current savings going on with our summer sale, but only want one item, this is the time to do so! Additionally, on going right now, check out our Lost Articles Clothing Instagram to enter a giveaway for a large one of a kind Lost Articles Clothing X Gravy Goods collaborative hoodie.


 We had an honor getting to learn more about Gravy Goods! We are excited that we got the chance to have one of our merchandise be custom made by him. Please make sure to check Gravy Goods out, he makes amazing and creative content. Stay tune for more articles, we have so many more exciting one on the way! 


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