Lost Underdog Articles #2 J.A.D.E.

Lost Underdog Articles #2 J.A.D.E.

On today's article we will be featuring a local Chico, CA music Artist by the name of J.A.D.E. who we have had the honor to feature their music on our page. 
J.A.D.E. is a 26 year old singer/songwriter with huge dreams that has always had a passion for music. Once she decided she wanted to pursue music as a career, they set forth to make their first single. With the help from Jake Nolen, owner of No-side Recording, J.A.D.E. and him worked together to make her first single "3 Cheers (For The Weakened)"
As tradition for our articles, we asked J.A.D.E. what she recommends or advises to aspiring artists out there is to pursue their music journey:
"Start right now, and don't second guess yourself! Stay true to who you are, but always be open to learning! It will only make you better."
When creating music, J.A.D.E. pulls inspiration from everything she can. It can be a song they are really into or from experiences that inspire her to share a message. As is life, her inspiration is ever-changing.

In the foreseeable future, J.A.D.E.'s goals are to create as much as she humanly can, with the hopes to release a solid EP or Album. Once it has been deemed safe to do so, she hopes to get to play at shows and events.
What kind or genre of music do you perform?

If you enjoy alternative rock with a little bit of pop, please do yourself a huge favor and check out J.A.D.E's music all major streaming platforms. You can find her music on Spotify here and as well as featured on our Lost Articles Clothing Music Family Spotify playlist here. 

With the coming to the end of this article we leave you with some of J.A.D.E.'s words that continue to inspire us and others to pursue our dreams and goals:
"With my music, I hope to make a difference in the world."
We are happy to support artist with passion and talent such as J.A.D.E. and many more to be featured soon. As part of our promise, starting today, the first 10 people that use the code JADEXLAC to get %15 off our hoodies and Compass T-shirts. As well as make sure to check out our Instagram to enter a limited 2 day entry giveaway to get a 1 free tank top of each color!
Thank you for joining in and reading, we hope to see you this Friday for our next article featuring another artist!  

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