Lost Underdog Articles #1 LBS Wears

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Lost Underdog Articles #1 LBS Wears

LBS Wears
Starting off our first Lost Underdog Article is LBS Wears. Lost Articles Clothing has had the pleasure of working along side this brand and getting to meet the person behind it.                                                                                                      
LBS was created by 25 year old Carlos Ramirez who is also a father to a beautiful 2 year old daughter name Aurora. Not to mention his punk of a cat Jojo. Carlos is a man who loves to skate, bring positivity and creativity.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
When we asked Carlos why he started LBS Wears, here is what he had to say:
"As a kid I couldn’t afford the name brands item that come with skate culture so I liked making my own things, this isn’t the first brand I started I think I have like three others I tried to do in high school but gave up on them. That’s okay though! It’s all part of the process of creating. That’s another part to it I just like making things I haven’t seen people wear before from having a hat that says “PUTO” to the logo being an open box. I guess the mission behind the brand is to show people to express their creativity and not be scared to present it to the world. It’s kind of like standing for something you believe in. I have homies I’ve known my whole life who wear the clothes daily because some designs are based off of them personally."                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
LBS Wears is first and foremost a skate company, but it will not stop there. As they plan expand into a physical shop, preferably in Redding, they plan to make their brand and shop a venue for art and music as well as a place where people can discuss ideas with each other. A peoples and community business. In the coming years, their biggest goal is to get the shop open and start getting some events going on in the community. After that they plan to expand the shop to serve coffee and have it be a hub for people to hang out in. The next part would be connecting with community resources and giving them to the youth of the community!
"There’s a lot of stuff I’m aiming to do and I know it’s not gonna be easy but it will definitely be worth it."                                                                       
Creating your own brand is always difficult and can lead to many doubts, so we asked Carlos what are things that drive you and attribute to any success you've had so far? What are skills and knowledge you urge people to gain, in order to start up their own business?                                                                                    
"The biggest drive for me has to be is living for myself. Personally I think if you are making things just for the intention of knocking others down it won’t work out. A lot of people ask me how to start one and I tell them the same thing. Anyone can do it, I’m not special for doing it, but I have a positive intention when I make something and people feel that when I pass them merch. Just gotta make sure you want to do it because it’s you

I feel like I still have a lot to learn. I’d say not stressing when something flops is a good skill. People ask me what I’m going to do if the clothes don’t sell and I just tell them if anything I don’t have to buy clothes for a long while or I just donate the others. I always thought it would be cool to see my clothes in a thrift shop and some random kid buys it because they thought it looked cool. It’s what I did as a kid. Could you imagine going into an old ladies thrift shop and seeing a bright yellow hoodie with the word Puto in rainbow letters!"                                                                                                                                                                          
Carlos from LBS Wears has always resonated with Lost Articles Clothing for the positive impact they want to have in their community. His values in focusing on helping others and creating good quality clothing has constantly been an inspiration for us to continue pushing forward.                                                        
If you would like to see more of LBS or buy his merch, check out their Instagram @LBS_wears and their Website LBS Wears "Or if you randomly see me through social media add me and message me , I like to go skate at parks a lot around Nor Cal so you will probably see me eating shit on a ledge."- Carlos
A message to the readers from Carlos
"Thanks for reading this I hope something I said made you laugh and in 10 years you remember about the Puto hoodies I’m really caught up on that right now. Also love yourself and the people who support you from day 1, without them nothing you make is worth it."                      
Starting today, the first 10 people to use the code LBSxLAC on our website will get 10% off on our Lightweight Crewnecks and hoodies. Use the same code at LBS Wears Website to get 50% off! As well as make sure to check out their Instagram to enter their current giveaway! . Thank you for joining us on our first Lost Underdog's Articles, we hope to help our community out by making these. Support local and independent! See you next time. 

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