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Featuring Local Artist

Lost Articles Clothing has a simple goal. We aim to be a stepping stone in the life of individuals who are talented. We want to help our local community by promoting its music and art. Its been an honor working with JAMM (Left) and J.A.D.E. (Below) We hope to work and help promote many mor ein the future.

Lost Articles Clothing Playlist

Check out our Spotify LAC Music Family playlist to find J.A.D.E. and JAMM. We have created playlist sets for our supporters and collaborations. If you are a music artist, please feel free to add your music to our Public Artists Playlist to expand your reach. You can find this content here.

Lost Articles Clothing

We want to thank all our supporters and our community for helping us achieve this. We aim to help others along our path. Lost Articles Clothing is made for you. A platform for the underdogs and dreamers. A stepping stone for Artist.